Website Revamp

Founders League Athletics is in a transitional period—a good one. We are changing our name and relocating our site and will have them up and running shortly.

New name and coverage:

Prep School Athletics is the new moniker for the site, and it will be focused on providing sporting news in the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and general New England area. The prep school athletic network is a broad one with much to offer.

We know that this may be slightly inconvenient, as you had become used to seeing us covering FL teams. The coverage will remain very much similar to the previous coverage, only it will be more expansive. With the Founders League schools our primary concern, we will gradually venture into a broader spectrum of prep school athletic teams.

New features:

We have big plans this year. While the fall season will serve as a trial period for our new updates. But, in short, we want to stream games over the internet (pending permission from the school), have on-site coverage of games, a college commitment tracker…etc. Suffice to say, we have a lot of ideas pouring in that we’re excited about.

Bigger staff:

Because we want to introduce more features and cover more teams, we need more staff members. We reached out to every Founders League school over the summer to try and add writers from each school. Whether that comes to pass or not, we are still committed to our coverage.

Starting soon, every PSA staff member will have a Twitter handle delivering up-to-date facts and stats live from the scene.

Bottom line:

All we really want to do is write about sports and create something to put on a college resume.