2013-2014 Recap and ’14-’15 Preview

What’s new for next year?

We have some changes that we’re really excited about for next year. We are working in coordination with a few other parties in 19885securing broadcasting equipment so that we can stream games on game day. We want to pick one game each week in a respective sport and label it “Game of the Week.” We’ll then provide a pretty extensive preview with stats, players to watch, previous meetings…etc. Then we’ll broadcast it. Then we’ll recap it. You’ll be able to watch the game in its entirety online after it’s over, too.

*Important to note that a school’s games can only be streamed with the approval of the school. We plan on reaching out this

summer and trying our best to ensure league-wide coverage.*

Also, we are looking for writers/correspondents from every school in the Founders League. If you or anyone you know might be interested in applying for a position next year, please contact us: foundersleagueathletics@gmail.com

During the fall, we will still be figuring out the logistical aspects of the new site, so it will essentially be a dry run before the winter season, when FLA will really move into action.

What about this summer?screen-shot-2014-01-09-at-6-15-47-pm

We’ll still be alive and kicking this summer. We plan on covering commitments, summer showcases, and any changes to our website.

So stay tuned.

What changed with FLA this year?

Well, it came into existence. That’s the big one. As the year progressed, we saw the growing amount of attention being directed our way and decided to upgrade from a running blog to a more polished, efficient website.

We started doing “commit exclusives” so that we can highlight the elite athletes that compete in the Founders League.

We’ve also started doing live coverage of games, primarily through Twitter but also using our scoreboard.

Thank You

1016426_10202812442022972_8725356_nThanks to all of you who visit the website and follow us on Twitter. It has been really gratifying to see so many people interested in the Founders League and the teams that compete within it.

This year, FLA has grown into a relatively well-known source for sports news and information, and it’s largely on part of the hard work the writers do on top of their already-busy student lives.

They get all the credit.