BBall: Hotchkiss moves on, faces Exeter and more

It didn’t all go according to plan for the Founders League basketball teams, as Choate was ousted from contention.

Here’s how the rest of the schedule played out:

Hotchkiss 62-58 Trinity Pawling

Certainly, this was the game of the tournament thus far. On Saturday, Hotchkiss travelled to New York to face a familiar foe, Trinity Pawling on their home court, and TP was definitely not going to make it easy for the Bearcats to win.

These two teams have been pitted against each other twice already this regular season, and TP notched out comfortable victories over Hotchkiss both times.

But, there was something different about Hotchkiss this time round, the Bearcats refused anything but victory, and it turns out that the third time’s the charm for Hotchkiss.

Both teams played hard knowing that a spot in the finals was on the line, but Hotchkiss won the day and got their 20th victory on the season as they beat TP 62-58. Not only was this an upset in the sense of seeding (Hotchkiss #3, TP #2) but Hotchkiss was able to defeat a team who seemed to be their juggernaut this regular season. Regardless of the result, TP still had a very successful season, and look to be back at getting a shot at the finals next year.

However for Hotchkiss, they keep their season and momentum rolling, coming off two very close victories as they head to the final of the New England Class A tournament to face #4 Phillips Exeter.

The Final will certainly be exciting as a Founders League team looks for glory and no better way to end their season.

Choate Rosemary Hall 62-65 Buckingham Browne & Nichol

In what was surely the upset of the tournament, Buckingham Browne & Nichol defeated Choate Rosemary hall, the top ranked team headed into the tournament.

A tight contest throughout the game showed that neither team was willing to back down or give up. Both sides fought till the bitter end but it was the underdog who pulled through, just edging out Choate by 3 points.

Considering the fact that Choate went undefeated in Founders League play, this outcome came as a shock to many. Such a game goes to show that when in a tournament filled with talent, any game is up for grabs, no matter the seeding.

However, Choate has much to be proud of as they finish their season with an impressive record of 19-3. The Boars certainly look to avenge this years postseason loss, and look for better results in this tournament in the future.

Hotchkiss 53-50 Phillips Andover

Headed into the tournament No. 3 seed, Hotchkiss aimed for a final run, which started against Andover.

Playing at a neutral site, both sides exchanged the lead multiple times, but it was the Bearcats who prevailed. Hotchkiss came into the tournament on a winning streak, and continued it in fine fashion. The first round win over Andover earned them a place in the semi-finals match where they would face Trinity Pawling.

Milton Academy 49-65 Trinity Pawling

This past Wednesday, Milton Academy and Trinity Pawling squared off at Avon Old Farms to begin their New England Class A tournament.

TP came out with a great display from the beginning of the game, and took control, which led to a comfortable victory over Milton. Being the #2 seed in the tournament, TP certainly lived up to their billing from this performance. With a first round victory in hand, TP looked forward to having the chance of hosting Hotchkiss on their home court to determine who would go to the finals.