2017-2018 PrepSportReport Soccer Player of the Year: Michael Suski ’19- Loomis Chaffee




New England Prep School Soccer has seen an incredible influx of talent in the past decades. Players from across the globe view it as an outlet to play high quality soccer and receive a meaningful education. Many teams have built their teams around players from Africa, South America, and Europe. Many coaches feel the pressure to recruit from these niche markets in order to stand a chance at winning.

However, one team has built its success on local players including one of the most prolific goal scorers in recent prep soccer history. In his third year terrorizing defenses across New England, this player has scored an unimaginable 40 goals to lead his team to a Founders League Title and a Class A New England Soccer Championship.


Introducing the 2017-2018 PREP SOCCER PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Michael Suski.


It is hard to quantify the success found by the Loomis Chaffee junior this season. Beyond the more than 40 goals and 10 assists, he found a way to win games for the Pelicans through an individual stroke of genius.


Loomis’ Senior Captain and longtime friend of Suski Tomas Muñoz details, “He has an extraordinary ability to make the hardest things look so routine”.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Patterson

The magic of Michael Suski lies in his creativity and elusiveness. Regardless of where he is on the pitch, he is a threat to score. Not necessarily a physically imposing presence, Suski relies on his dribbling, pace, and finishing ability to rally up the goals. He is a nightmare for opposing coaches to plan for. If you try to man mark him, he will chase after a through ball and pick a corner on a first time shot. If you give him space, he is not afraid to take on an entire backline (and score)! Teams are forced to an entire tactical gameplan dedicated to defending the junior winger.


Averaging north of 2 goals per game is no small feat in the WPNESSAA or the Founders League. Picking a best player from this season was incredibly difficult. At this point in New England, every team has a player or two that can put up a hat-trick in any given game. What separates Suski, aside from the 40 goals, is his ability to score in the most important games; when it matters most.


Notably, in Loomis’ away game at Taft which would inevitably decide the winner of the Founders League, Suski put on a clinic, scoring three goals to lead the Pelicans to a narrow and hard-fought 4-3 victory over the Rhinos.



In the finals against perennial powerhouse Berkshire, the stage was set for one last heroic to cap off a historic year for both Loomis and Suski. After a clean sheet from both sides sent the game into double overtime, there was no doubt that #11 in white would be ready for the biggest play of his young career. Just 20 seconds into the second overtime period, Munoz dislodged the ball from a Berkshire defender and played it to Suski’s feet. Suski took a hard step to beat an oncoming defender before, you guessed it, slotting it to the right corner. As Suski got trampled by his teammates and fans alike, he was sure to take off his jersey to reveal a perhaps metaphorical undershirt, Superman.

Michael Suski’s Superman season is one that will be hard to forget. The inevitable darling of many college recruiters should land at a top Division I school. However Suski himself, known to be

Photo Courtesy of Matt Patterson

a confident, yet humble kid, does not like to think about all of that. Suski exhorts, “I owe everything to the brotherhood we have created on the field. No one believed in us; everyone doubted who we were as a team. We were able to complete a dream that had been so long out of reach. All we needed was a chance, and when we got on that field Saturday [Championship game vs. Berkshire], I had no doubt in my mind that after all of the grueling practices and hard fought games… the blood, sweat, tears and most importantly laughs shared would lead to something great. We proved it.”



Well Mr. Suski, I don’t think anyone is doubting you now.  ◻




If you want to see some of Suski, here is his highlight tape from last year.