Battle for New England: Defensive showcase on deck

After winning their respective leagues, Choate and Trinity Pawling will face off in the Bill Glennon Bowl to crown a New England’s champion. Choate is no new-comer to the Glennon Bowl, as they have won the last three, and they’ll be looking to lock down an impressive fourth on Saturday.

Trinity Pawling fought hard to come out on top of the Erickson League but ended the regular season with a loss against Kent, only their first loss of the season. A massive piece of news for the Pride is that on the final play of their loss to the Lions, QB Brandon Harris went down with an injury, and it remains to be seen whether he will play this Saturday. Nonetheless, expect an exciting game between two strong teams.

Here’s what makes each team so dangerous on the gridiron:

dt-common-streams-streamserver-2Choate (8-0)

Undefeated Choate is coming off a strong 44-20 win against Deerfield, but they’ve been doing it all season. Their 33-30 nailbiter over Cheshire (playing in the Sanborn Bowl) back in September is the pride of their record, and holding off the high-flying Cheshire offense speaks for itself.

They’ve had great success passing the ball downfield thanks to quarterback Walker Lott ’17. Choate’s rushing attack is split between sophomore Clay Zachery and Rashaud Conway.

The centerpiece of Choate’s football team, however, is their dominant defense, which has allowed a measley 15 points a game. They have shut down opposing teams’ air game with a great pass rush and aggressive cornerback play. 8-0 this season, the Wild Boars accumulated their 29th consecutive win. Trinity Pawling will surely have its hands full in this one.


Trinity Pawling (7-1)

Champions of the Erickson League, Trinity Pawling will look to knock Choate off its throne in this year’s Glennon Bowl.

With impressive wins against Avon, Salisbury, and Loomis, The Pride look like they are ready to take on the Wild Boars. TP has averaged 38 points this season and has allowed only 16 points per game.

The Pride’s offense is lead by a triple option threat with versatile quarterback Brandon Harris 17′ at the helm. The Choate defense will have a tough time stopping The Pride if they don’t play a disciplined game. Brandon Harris QB ’17, and running back Trejyn Fletcher ‘20 been the heart and soul of The Pride’s offense this season.

As both teams allow just over two touchdowns a game, we can expect this one to be a battle of two mighty defenses slugging it out.

The Boars will rely on their stud athletes to swing the momentum in their favor and run with it. On the other end of the field, Trinity Pawling hopes to give Choate’s defense a headache with their option-style offense.

Both of these teams are chomping at the bit to lace their cleats up one more time this season; expect a great game on the biggest stage.